Rob Kardashian rocks lengthy hair and smiles after weight reduction within the emotional KUWTK Closing Season Trailer!

Watching with tears, fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians You may have missed the short scene from Rob in the final trailer for the reality TV show’s final season. But rest assured, the only Kar Jenner brother was there and he looked great!

Rob Kardashian has been working on his fitness and wellbeing after years of staying away from his public life, and it seems that these days he is more and more confident of being on screen KUWTK comes to an end!

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Even so, his loyal supporters can’t help but hope he’ll be a much bigger part last season than he has been in recent years.

Rob appeared in the trailer, looking a lot slimmer and rocking long quarantine hair.

It was a rare appearance so many noticed that he was sitting at the same table with everyone else in one scene during the emotional trailer.

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But if you missed it on a first watch because of shedding tears, check it out here!

One’s father wore a green t-shirt that showed his arm tattoos.

He also wore a back baseball cap, under which his long hair was still clearly visible.

Of course, the minute-long trailer had many other very interesting and exciting moments in which the other family members also appeared.

One such example was Kim, who told others that Kourtney and Scott were napping on the couch together.

‘They are definitely made for each other. They should be together, ”says Kendall of the exes that three children share.

There is also a scene of Khloe telling her boyfriend that this could be the time for her to have another baby.

As you know, they share little truth with one another.

This came after Khloe announced that she had frozen her eggs and that the basketball player agreed to donate sperm so having another child may not mean they are really together again.

Check out the trailer above for more information!


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