RORY & MAL respond to Joe Budden Firing; He’s hiding the books !!

MTO News learned that Rory & Mal made their own podcast yesterday in which they replied to JOE BUDDEN – and tried to improve the record. Rory and Mal co-hosted Joe’s popular podcast. But Joe fired the two of them last week after they refused to show up for work.

When Joe fired the duo, he claimed they were “employees” who were being paid “more” than their contract stipulated. According to Joe, the two asked to keep records of the podcast, but he refused. According to Joe, the employees neither owned nor participated in the podcast, so they did not have the right to see the company’s books.

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But now Rory and Mal are giving their side of things. According to Rory, their contract called for them to be paid a percentage of podcast profits and not a salary. MTO News learned that the two are claiming that in order to calculate how much they owed they had to see the company’s books.

Here are some snippets we found on Twitter:

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