Sacha Baron Cohen believes Borat 2 co-star Maria Bakalova deserves an Oscar nomination

After the runaway success of his 2006 mockumentary Borat, lead actor Sacha Baron Cohen is back with a sequel that promises to up the ante when it comes to satire and dark comedy. This time Baron Cohen’s idiot main character Borat is accompanied by his 15-year-old daughter Tutar, who is portrayed by newcomer Maria Bakalova. In an interview, Baron Cohen stated his confidence in his young co-actress, who landed an Oscar for best actress for her role in Borat 2.

“She’s an amazing actress. We interviewed 600 young women from all over the world and she’s funny. She’s one of the bravest actresses in history. If she doesn’t get an Oscar nomination, it’s a farce.”
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While the first Borat was a cult hit, it has also been criticized for its misogynistic jokes. Many believed that in today’s world of social media outrage, such a film would be impossible to make.

Sacha Baron Cohen These concerns have been cleverly circumvented by making room for the female perspective in the form of tutar. The new film also does its own share of anti-woman jokes through certain scenes, but this time around we see Tutar react to, and even develop through, such scenes.

Hence, the sequel to Borat is unlikely to have a heavy subplot about Tutar’s liberation from patriarchy on her way to becoming herself. According to Baron Cohen, Bakalova’s performance is a crucial part of Tutar’s audience appeal.

“She’s funny and has the ability to deliver a scene and make you cry. That finally got her to it. When we did the break-up scene in the movie, I had to stop because I was feeling pretty emotional. She is one of Imagine coming to America for the first time and playing a part with real people in some terrible situations. She got through it all. She’s a revelation. ”

Social media already has a lot of praise Maria Bakalova It was her turn as tutar, and many claimed she stole the show from Baron Cohen. Of course, the love of fans will not be enough for the actress to win an Oscar for best actress. The truth is Hollywood has a block when it comes to showing comedies and fantasies the same love that it gives drama.

Baron Cohen himself wasn’t even nominated in the Oscar Leading Actor category for the original Borat, which annoyed many fans, even though it ended with a Golden Globe win. Hopefully this time around the Oscars are friendlier to the adventures of Borat and his intrepid daughter Tutar.

Borat Subsequent Film: Handing Over the Amazing Bride to the American Regime for Benefit once the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is a Glorious Nation in Kazakhstan, is directed by Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines, Dan Swimer, Peter Baynham, Erica Rivinoja, Dan Mazer , Jena Friedman and Lee Kern with a story written by Cohen, Hines, Swimer and Nina Pedrad. The film is now being streamed on Amazon Prime Video. IndieWire was the first to report the news.

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