Saweetie revealed when she knew Quavo beloved her

Saweetie I just told her fans something really cute about Quavo. Check out the news she shared and The Shade Room got it republished.

TSR revealed some rally details about how things were going. See them below.

Some people would think that a couple of Birkins who bought Quavo for her birthday or bought her a bespoke ‘Icy’ Bentley would have solidified those moments that she really loved them.

“The realization moment for Saweetie apparently wasn’t one of those moments,” noted TSR.

TSR cited information from Page Six. Saweetie said she knew Quavo loved her when he gave her the last piece of chicken. Saweetie said, “The moment I found out that Quavo really loved me was when he saved some of his food for me.”

Quavo giving away his food may just be his love language. “He gave me his last piece,” she said, and of course the fans were impressed.

In other breaking news, Saweetie isn’t afraid to connect with PornHub, that much is for sure, at least what her social media account shows.

According to hot new hip hop Saweetie went to her Instagram this week to share a few pics of what she wanted to wear to the PornHub Awards.

The rapper-songwriter, according to the outlet, is known to be a “smart” and “beautiful” icon in the rap community.

The star was recognized for her “bougie” and “pretty girl” styles, which have been part of her image and personality since her first mainstream success.

A lot of her fans aren’t happy that she is going to the PornHub Awards. The rapper posted a picture of her outfit on Tuesday night, showing a bizarre outfit that is certainly unusual.



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