Screams Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Extra Reunite Spill particulars about Scream 5 sequel

Some of their characters may be dead, but that hasn’t stopped the Scream cast from reuniting.

On November 14th, Scream plays the lead role Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan and Skeet Ulrich has joined screenwriter Kevin Williamson for a virtual reunion streamed on LoopedLive that benefited the National Breast Cancer Coalition, the Los Angeles “I Have A Dream Foundation,” and the East Los Angeles Women’s Center.

The gang, who appeared together in the first film in 1996, remembered their time as slasher, directed by the late horror icon Wes Craven.

At the request of the moderator and variety writer Jenelle Riley Which character they would have chosen to survive Ghostface’s knife, the cast expressed that each death in the film only increased the stakes.

Even Jamie, whose fan-favorite movie-obsessed character Randy (who laid out the rules of a horror movie in the first film) tragically met his fate in Scream 2, agreed. He compared the shock of Randy’s death to that of Drew BarrymoreCasey’s character. Although the star’s face was plastered on the movie’s posters, Casey was unexpectedly killed just minutes after the film began. “Scream wouldn’t have the same effect if [Randy] didn’t die, “he said.” When Drew went out, it was the brilliance of it … that’s what makes it so good. ”

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