Severe Energy: In Vanessa Bryant’s world since Kobe and Gianna’s deaths

The designer and mother of the son Kiyan continued, “Just being a friend and being there to make her laugh when she must, cry when she must is a beautiful thing. But that’s exactly what friends do for each other, you know, so am I always will be there for her and the girls and just see that she continues to be strong and amazing. “

Calling Vanessa “the strongest woman I know,” said Anthony, “seeing her smile and laugh is the greatest feeling. You know, just having those moments, whether they are quick moments or not, you know, for they’ll be able to have that so I’ll keep bringing the fun and laughter. “

She checked on more besties, adding, “But Monica was great, Ciara was great, and we will continue to support her with whatever she needs. This is not a week-long trip, not a month-long trip. These friendships are lifelong bonds, so I know Vanessa, what, maybe 13, 14, 15 years now? “

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