Shaquille O’Neal breaks his silence over this flirty remark he made on Megan Thee Stallion’s IG Stay – did he actually meet her?

What is Shaq really up to with Megan Thee Stallion? This is the question fans have been asking since the basketball player appeared in the star’s comment section to flirt with her during a live session on IG!

As you may know, Shaquille O’Neal Stopped unexpectedly by Megan’s side while she was live only to tell her he was there for her ‘prey’!

The flirty comment caught a lot of attention and of course made a lot of headlines, especially after the TikTok video of his son responding to Shaq’s creep went viral!

But inside reports have claimed after the fact that he was just kidding.

But now Shaq himself breaks his silence over the flirtatious comment and finally reveals what he meant by it!

During an interview with TMZ, he stated, “That’s exactly what happened, America. I was in there, someone said, “What are you doing here?” and i just typed what i typed. I didn’t try to hit her. ‘

This pretty much confirms what a HollywoodLife source said earlier: “Shaq is definitely a fan of Megan’s but he doesn’t follow her. It was a fun and honest comment because it values ​​her talents. He got a kick from his son who roasted him about it. ‘

As for Megan Thee stallion, the performer has yet to deal with the flirty comment and speculation that surrounded him!

At the end of the day, even Shaq didn’t know that his funny comment would get that much attention if he made it.

‘He found his reaction hysterical and excited about the situation when he saw it go viral on social media. Shaq is a prankster through and through, ”the insider also explained.

Are you disappointed that there aren’t any romantic prospects between these two?


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