Showtime’s Moonbase 8: Grade It!


There are probably few things more exciting to a NASA astronaut than a trip to the moon … but the men at Moonbase 8 have yet to witness this onslaught.

Showtime’s new comedy series, which debuted on Sunday night, doesn’t take place on the lunar surface, but rather in Winslow, Arizona, where three astronauts are stationed on a simulation moon base in the hopes of one day traveling to the actual moon. While eagerly (and perhaps in vain) waiting for a real assignment in space, Skip (Fred Armisen), Cap (John C. Reilly) and Rook (Tim Heidecker) spend their days learning how to live on the moon and works, should they ever get there.

The trio happens to be joined by Travis Kelce, who plays an exaggerated version of himself – and that version of Kelce is mean, especially for Cap. If the base unexpectedly runs out of water three weeks before the next water shipment, Kelce Cap supports his idea that they dig a well, even though Skip and Rook think a well is not environmentally friendly.

But Kelce and Cap start the project anyway, and when Kelce takes over the digging for a while, he knocks something hard into the ground … and suddenly a massive hole opens up, pulling Kelce into it. The other men try to communicate with Kelce while he’s underground, but after a few minutes he levels off and the remaining trio is split over how to proceed.

Skip and Rook think they should just report the tragedy to NASA as they have all signed a waiver before coming to base that should rid them of any mistake in Kelce’s death. However, Cap believes that if they call it up, their dreams of traveling into space will fail. They even draft an initial report to NASA, lying that Kelce merely stormed off the base discovering he still had gambling debts, but they choose not to send it. Instead, they just keep silent and wait three weeks for their water to arrive.

Of course, a few days go by and the men are absolutely parched. They’ve all gone through their water rations, and all that’s left is a couple of bottles of champagne that they saved for a special occasion. Seeing no other option for hydration – especially since the base urine recycling machine produces water that is quite salty – they uncork a bottle of sparkling wine and swear they will only take a few small sips.

But they can’t resist the temptation of a drinkable liquid, and before they know it, the men are all drunk on several bottles of champagne … and when a drooping-eyed cap begins to fall asleep, Skip and Rook agree they need to call in Kelce’s death as guilt consumes her. (They submit their plan to Cap, who initially gets it wrong, but eventually comes up with the idea.)

At the end of the premiere, authorities arrive to recover Kelce’s body (he looks surprisingly … good? Considering he’s been dead for days underground?), And a NASA manager says Kelce is the only one his guilt is death, much to the relief of Skip, Rook, and Cap (who certainly don’t want to argue otherwise).

Despite the trauma of the past few days, the men agree that they want to stay on the ground for the foreseeable future – and after the leak in their water tank has been mended, they all bask in their new, glorious H2O supply.

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