Signal the petition concerning the free Palestinian DJ Sama Abdulhadi arrested for techno taking part in

A petition is making the rounds calling for the Palestinian DJ to be published immediately Sama Abdulhadi |who was recently arrested on an Islamic sacred compound in Jericho for playing techno.

Sama performed in a separate area from the mosque Maqam Nabi Musa (believed to be the tomb of Moses) on Saturday night when she was illegally arrested, according to the petition. There had been an attack by a group of young protesters who threatened the participants and eventually stopped the show.

The footage quickly spread on social media as well as misinformation about Sama and their event that only fueled the fire. Violent reactions and personal attacks on Sama continued – and now she is illegally detained, according to’s petition.

(Sama) was illegally detained by the Palestinian Authority on December 27, 2020. On Tuesday, December 29, a judge decided to extend her detention for an additional 15 days because “techno music is not part of the Palestinian heritage”.

Those who ask for Sama’s release believe that she will be used as a “scapegoat” and held accountable for a crime that did not take place, and which she certainly did not commit. To prove this, she had given written permission to organize and film the production through the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism.

Sama Abdulhadi and the concert organizers may not have realized that this type of music was inappropriate for the location and its historical, religious, and cultural associations. However, the Ministry of Tourism bears full responsibility for the decision to allow the concert to take place.

The petition calls for Samas “immediate release and respect for cultural and artistic freedom and rights by the Palestinian Authority”.

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Source: 6 AM Group

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