Snicker Riot: In Jennifer Aniston’s pleasant friendship with Adam Sandler

The following year, Sandler paid tribute to Aniston when she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. First he took chewing gum out of his mouth and taped it on the dais for safekeeping while he spoke. He didn’t dress up for the occasion either, but it’s not like she expected anything less from the Sandman.

“This is for you, Aniston,” he said, “nothing but respect, the best t-shirt I’ve had. Here’s a little speech I wrote last night.

“Gather together, Hollywood folks,” he began with his best signature – Sandler Whoop-de-Di-Do voice that brought tears of laughter almost instantly, “because it’s time for fairy tales. Once upon a time there was a poor man. ” little Greek girl who grew up in Manhattan named Jeneefer Anistuffelupagus … “Etc.

As he neared his regular voice, he concluded, “I love this girl, my wife loves this girl, the whole world loves this girl … the girl who put grace in office space, the funny thing in Along Came Polly, that ‘hor’ in Horrible Bosses, put the good girl in The Good Girl and take her bare breasts out of wanderlust. For God’s sake, let the girl have one thing to keep to herself, you greedy bastards out there. “

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