Snoop Dogg raps over “slapping spouse” and having a brand new “babys mother” !!

Rapper Snoop Dogg is going viral today because of his new and very controversial rap lyrics. In the lyrics, Snoop seems to refer to his wife Shantae as “b * tch” and speaks of “beating her a **”, as MTO News has learned.

Snoop previewed the lyrics to his fans on social media last night – and fans were shocked.

Here is a video from Snoop Rappen:

The lyrics go like this:

Every time I go home, her [my wife] want to hit me with something

If I hit that b * tch as *, the police will come

So I just pack my bags and go to myself, the mother of another baby [house]

Because I’m cool with her [other] Babies dad.

Snoop Dogg SMOKES FAT BLUNT LIVE – choked to death

Snoop and his wife Shantae have been married for more than two decades, despite the rapper’s multiple cheating scandals. Shante is an entrepreneur and contributed to the documentary Reincarnated.

According to online calculators, Snoop’s net worth is $ 135 million.

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