Spouse MURDER mates after aspect chick texts him on valentines day!

A New Orleans man was killed on Valentine’s Day shortly after his alleged side chick texted him in front of his girlfriend.

20-year-old Alexis King was charged Sunday night with the murder of her boyfriend, who was also the father of her child outside of a Walmart, the St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s office announced.

The victim – who was not immediately identified – was found by police officers with a gunshot wound in a parking lot near the entrance to Walmart. The man was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Detectives used video surveillance and identified the victim as a worker at a nearby company. The shooting took place outside a Walmart where the victim worked, Walmart officials confirmed Tuesday.


Police claimed they identified Alexis as a suspect and that they once admitted the shooting in custody.

It’s unclear what led to the deadly shootings, but several social media reports claim Alexis stopped by at her boyfriend’s work and found a suspicious text message on his cell phone – allegedly from a chick.

Alexis remained in custody in a prison on St. Bernard Parish Tuesday and is expected to face charges of first degree murder, a felony.

Moral of the story … If you mess around with your partner’s feelings on Valentine’s Day, you can get hurt – really hurt.

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