Stephen King Films: The Worst Deaths, Ranking

3. Pet Sematary – Jud Crandle has his Achilles tendon split, Adam’s apple bitten

Unlike the 2019 remake, Mary Lambert’s Pet Sematary displayed remarkable audacity by sticking to the Stephen King book of the same name and bringing the nightmarish Gage Creed to screen (it obviously helps that King wrote the script himself). There are some little moments that haven’t aged well, but the most important thing is that the Gage vs. Jud Crandle sequence has absolutely and still records as one of the most terrifying deaths in a Stephen King movie.

The unsuspecting Jew first gets his Achilles tendon slit open by Gage, who carries his father’s scalpel, and then, when the innocent neighbor is on the floor, the two-year-old zombie nibbles on his throat. If you haven’t noticed, violence against children was already a big part of that list, but this is a reverse of it, and it has some kind of terrible added benefit.

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