Stranger Issues star Dacre Montgomery teases Wolverine’s position with the now-deleted X-Males fan artwork

Stranger Things Star Dacre Montgomery posted some fan art of himself as Wolverine on social media for deletion soon after. Rumor has it that the actor’s name has been in the running for several years to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the next big-screen Wolverine. Disney acquired the rights to the Marvel Fox properties back in 2019, and fans have wondered how Marvel Studios will integrate their new list of characters into the MCU.

BossLogic shared some artwork on what Dacre Montgomery might look like as MCUs wolverine in 2018, which got a lot of fans thinking. The actor’s intense performance on Stranger Things had convinced a lot of people that he might be the right man for the job, which is a pretty big feat considering that some fans are still waiting for Hugh Jackman to return. Whatever the case, Montgomery shared BossLogic’s art of being Wolverine on his Instagram story over the weekend, and quickly deleted it.

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Obviously, MCU fans are wondering if the Dacre Montgomery was teasing something big when it shared the Wolverine image. As of this writing, the 25-year-old actor has yet to comment on the post or explain why he initially shared it. Marvel Studios has a reputation for actors and actresses deleting social media posts that could potentially spoil a big announcement. Just recently, Jaime Foxx confirmed that he would return as Electro in Spider-Man 3, only to be deleted less than 24 hours later.

It’s entirely possible that Dacre Montgomery shared the picture with his 6.5 million followers in order to generate hype and publicity. Whatever the case, that Strange things The actor got a lot of people talking about taking on the Wolverine role again. Hugh Jackman has confirmed he’s done with the role on multiple occasions over the years. “Someone else will pick it up and run with it. It’s too good for a character not to,” he said recently. He continued, “It’s like you’re on your way home and your friend calls you and says, ‘Oh, dude, a new DJ just came in and the music is great, are you coming back?’ And you say, “Sounds good, but … no.” You are good with someone else. “

Whether or not Dacre Montgomery is the MCU’s next Wolverine in a new one X-Men Movie that has not yet been confirmed at this point. It’s also unclear whether the actor will return to Stranger Things in season 4. Montgomery recently shared a picture of him on the set of the hit Netflix show, though we’re not sure if it was a step backwards or from season 4. For now, we just have to wait and see what the future holds. Thanks to the Marvel and DC 85 Instagram account, you can take a screenshot of the Instagram story deleted above.

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