Stunning Married Black Headmistress Accused Of S * X With Excessive Faculty Boy !!

MTO News has learned that in New Orleans juvenile and adult prisons the beautiful headmaster is accused of having a sexual relationship with an inmate. And authorities say they have evidence, including 700 phone calls, many of which were “extremely sexual and explicit in nature”.

In 2017, Christy Sampson-Kelly was hired as the headmaster of Travis Hill School, New Orleans’ school for jailed teenagers. She was perfect for the job – and had a shiny resume with a PhD. and national recognition in the field of special education.

Now, 49-year-old Sampson-Kelly is best known for her arrest in November after an arrest warrant accused her of making more than 700 “extremely sexual and explicit” phone calls to a 17-year-old inmate, an investigator from the Orleans office reports of the pastor.

Transcripts of some of the conversations leaked online are described as sexually intimate and romantic.


In a conversation, the underage teenager describes an act of oral sex that the married mother of four children is supposed to perform on him. In the conversation she agrees to the transcripts.

In another conversation the boy says, “I want to hear your sexy voice.” She replies by stating that she wants to be “d ** k”.

In between conversations about sex, the transcripts show less graphic conversation. They show that in one case the young person says: “Tell me that you want to marry me”, to which the headmaster replies: “I want to marry you.”

In another case, the log shows the inmate and asks, “How much do you miss me?” Sampson-Kelly replies: “I miss you very much.”

Sampson-Kelly, a married mother of four, is older than the teenager’s mother.

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