Sullivan King & Excision Drop Model New Intensive Collaboration, “Unbound”

Two weeks ago today, Sullivan King teased his new collaboration with Excision. Today “Unbound” is being released to the world.

For both artists this is one of their best work in a long time. Pure vocals from Sullivan show one of its best assets, and the slow, steadfast build-up creates a wonderful atmosphere before the intense drop. Drums are introduced, the strength builds up and finally everything is released in a wonderful vortex of passionate electric guitar riffs and comparatively restrained bass notes. The clash of these two sounds creates an incredible dichotomy, coupled with Sullivan’s vocals, making this one of the more unique bass tracks we’ve heard too.

At this point the song is two-thirds done, but there’s more to come – a metal breakdown with heavier drums throws in the standard bass notes and the double bass pedals just serve to further improve the cue. Then Sullivan screams and the heavy bass falls into position, rounding off this epic journey.

Check it out at Subsidia below!

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