Supernatural Sequence Finale: How did Sam and Dean say goodbye?

Well, that was an emotional roller coaster ride.

Supernatural just ended after 15 seasons with an episode that really kept us busy from beginning to middle. Halfway through, the episode threw us off our toes and into a sad ball of emotion. Finally free from Chuck, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) went on one final hunt to track down some wicked mimes stealing kids.

Unfortunately, Dean was fatally stabbed to death during the hunt and gave his brother a damn emotional speech when he died. At first we felt there was no way Dean would die in the middle of the finale, but he really, really did.

Luckily Jack (Alexander Calvert) is now in charge of the sky so it was a really nice place and both Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Baby (1967 Chevy Impala) were waiting for him.

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