Supernatural’s creator weighs Sam and Dean’s emotional farewell within the sequence finale

Supernatural has officially ended.

After 15 broadcast seasons, fans got one last look at Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) during a rather emotional series finale on Thursday November 19th. If you haven’t caught up yet, be warned: spoilers are messing up.

The full, detailed summary can be found here. But do you know that Dean was stabbed to death chasing evil mimes who stole children. After giving his brother one last, very sad speech, he went to heaven and reunited with Jack (Alexander Calvert), Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Baby (1967 Chevy Impala). Eventually Sam dies of old age and is reunited with his brother for the rest of the time.

Co-showrunner before the premiere Andrew Dabb told Entertainment Weekly that he was pretty pleased with the way the show ended. “”[The finale] is a bit more of an old-school episode, “he said.” We think it feels like a fitting ending to the show. We are happy with it and hope that the fans will be too. “

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