Take a look at Demi Lovato cowl Invoice Withers for the Biden Inauguration Occasion

Demi Lovato was among the cast at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony to celebrate America tonight (January 20). Lovato performed Bill Withers’ classic single “Lovely Day”. She performed in front of a series of screens with a number of people (including some celebrities) helping her with the background vocals. Watch everything go down below.

Last year, Lovato shared a new Trump diss track called “Commander in Chief”. She also teamed up with Sam Smith on “I’m Ready” and released a solo single called “I Love Me”.

A number of high profile artists performed tonight to celebrate President Biden and Vice President Harris: Bruce Springsteen kicked off the night with a performance of “Land of Hope and Dreams,” Foo Fighters played the classic “Times Like These” and Katy Perry ended it Night with a rendition of “Firework”, which was provided with massive fireworks at the end of the song.

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