Take a look at Lido Pimienta’s new documentary, The Highway to Miss Colombia

Lido Pimienta has shared a new documentary, The Road to Miss Colombia, which chronicles the making of her Grammy-nominated album Miss Colombia. See below.

“This document is the culmination of six years of work,” said the Colombian-born Toronto artist in a press release. “I knew that Miss Colombia would be an important job for me and that it would reveal a lot about my life, but what I didn’t really know at the time was the HOW. Now I can sit back and know that I have a homage to my place of birth, a reconciliation. Anyone who’s been in the process can know we honored Miss Colombia, and now I can go ahead and kiss him good night! “

Miss Colombia is recognized for the Grammy Award 2021 as best Latin rock or alternative album. Visit “Why You Must Know Lido Pimienta, Just Won Canada’s Most Important Music Award” in the square.

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