The 10 hottest TV exhibits on Netflix

Updated October 23

Are you now looking for the top 10 TV shows on Netflix? Well you are in the right place! Although the streaming service released the trending list earlier this year, which shows which of the 10 most popular TV shows to watch on a daily basis, it’s not that easy to find that list on Netflix yourself without digging into it. We are here to streamline this process.

This week is the new batch of Unexplained mysteries Episodes started the revival in the top slot, relocating previous # 1 series like The Haunting of Bly Manor and Emily in Paris. For some reason, Cocomelon (a steady presence in the top 10 for the last few weeks) jumped to # 4 during Teen Drama Great army came up with # 3.

The only other new entry is the self-explanatory one Dream Home MakeoverWith Ratchet Finally leaving the top 10 The 100 and Evil still holding onto their slots.

And as always, the office is here.

Stay tuned to see how the top 10 change weekly, but for now …

Here are the top 10 as they stand today:

Check out the top 10 most popular TV shows on the Netflix list below, along with links to the shows themselves on the streaming service and a quick recap of what the hell it is that everyone is watching. For a more curated and longer list, see our Best TV Shows on Netflix article. And for the top 10 films currently available, click this link in the meantime.

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