The 9 greatest new motion pictures on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020

Looking for news (and good ones) on Amazon Prime Video this month? Wonderful news as we bring you a rundown of the best new movies added to Amazon’s streaming service in October 2020, from some old favorites to the latest releases that everyone will be talking about.

In the latter category, of course, is the big ticket article in Amazon’s October publications Borat Subsequent movie film, Sacha Baron CohenReturns as Borat Sagdiyev in the surprising sequel to his comedy sensation from 2006. And is very beautiful indeed. The film got off to a good start with critics and audiences, making headlines with some shocking scenes featuring high profile American political figures.

Elsewhere, October is the spooky peak season, which means it’s a great time to spot some underrated gems like David Slade‘s sleepy vampire movie 30 days nightand Shudder’s horror documentary Horror noire, available this month on Amazon Prime Video without a Shudder subscription.

Check out all of our tips for the best new movies on Amazon below. If you’re looking for anything new on Amazon this October, the full list is here.

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