The Bachelor’s Assessment: Goodbye, New Villains, and a Clear Entrance Runner


The previews that led to the Monday night’s sequel to The Bachelor gave the impression that Matt James had planned to get rid of the show’s bad apples.

After seeing week after week how he chose the season 25 villain, Victoria, she felt that all of her trivia, verbal pranks, and lies would never catch up with her. But they finally made it. Victoria is finally gone. But first Matt came in and let the women know what was on his mind.

“If you have to belittle someone else to shine, those are not the qualities I want my wife to have,” announced Matt in a very serious but nervous manner before taking Brittany, 23, aside. She was the one who accused Anna, 24, of being an escort in her hometown of Chicago.

Brittany spoke to Matt about how the rumor made her feel and even cried. She said the rumor could change the way her mother looked at her while watching at home. (Sigh. Really? But you said you weren’t a sex worker. Why should your mom be ashamed? That feels like such an antiquated concern about something that’s not true. But maybe this is our inner Twitter conversation.)

Matt confronted Anna about what she was doing, and although he heard her, he ended up sending her packing. She cried and said she was disappointed in herself, but it came off like an act. She and Matt never kissed on camera and seemed to have little to no chemistry. Next!

Shortly after she kicked Anna out, Matt Ryan, 26, a Brooklyn choreographer, asked how she felt about being on her bachelor’s degree – and she said Victoria called her a ho. She started crying too. Man, for a show where people swap spit and make out in every type of hot tub ever invented, these women are sure to be very concerned about their perceived virtue.

Then Matt took Victoria, the self-proclaimed queen, aside and asked her if she would like to name Ryan derogatory. When she claimed the insult had been taken out of context, Matt intelligently asked in what context it was good to be referred to as “ho”. Victoria raged and acted wounded and yelled at producers for being offended and hurt. Meanwhile, all the other women laughed at her behind her back. She has no friends in this bunch.

And then bam, Matt handed out the roses and Victoria got none. Yay! Goodbye Victoria! The only downside – and that seems strange considering how horrible Victoria behaved – is that without Victoria’s crazy jokes, season 25 will be a lot less funny. There we said. It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s true.

The other negative is that Matt never presented a rose to Lauren, 29, a corporate attorney from Miami, or Mari, 24, the former beauty queen from Maryland. And both women deserved roses, more screen time, and most of all, Matt’s thought.

MATTS’S BEST MOMENT | Matt’s one-on-one interview with Rachael, 24, a Georgia graphic designer, full of romance and fun. The couple went shopping with the help of a stylist and Rachael walked away with some stunning designer clothes and a pair of red bottoms, also known as Christian Louboutins. Um, wow! Matt and Rachael are digging each other out too and their chemistry is off the charts. Note, Rachael is a front runner. The other front runner? Michelle, 27, the teacher from Minnesota. She’s the only one who kisses Matt with her eyes closed.

MATTS WORST MOMENT | Hmmm, Matt’s decision to mess around with MJ (23) at the group meeting just to let her go and make out with Pieper (23) felt wrong. Not that he has that kind of chemistry with MJ, and judging by her antagonism in the house after his confrontation with her, she is likely to be ousted. But still respect these women’s feelings, Matt. It’s only fair.

THE TRAIN WRECK MOMENT OF THIS WEEK | That award definitely goes to Victoria, who vowed on the way to the door never to go out with another man named Matt. That is why their histrionics are missed. Who even talks like that?

BACHELORETTE CAMP FALL! | Unfortunately, Katie seems to be firmly in the friend zone. She was Matt’s confidante and told him what’s going on in the house and who the bullies are. But the guy still doesn’t kiss her. Maybe Katie, 29, will be the next Bachelorette. Pull out.

Should one admittedly see the queen dethroned?

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