The best mystery films and where to see them

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Since the dawn of cinema, theaters around the world have been filled with people who just can’t get enough of a good secret. In the over 100 years that people have visited their local movie houses, filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and Rian Johnson have crafted intricate narratives of murder, false identities, and international conspiracies that confused their characters and transformed their audiences in amateurs who wanted to solve the case. These and many other directors are responsible for the best mystery films that have hit the big screen and on streaming services for decades.

With so many great mystery films like Knives Out, Rear Window, and literally thousands of others, picking one or 21 is a tough task. Fear not, armchair detectives, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of films that fall into this category. With titles inspired by classic crime novels and psychological thrillers from the minds of their directors, here are some of the best options the genre has to offer.

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