The Good Physician Recap: Let’s Discuss Lea’s Ex – Plus, is Claire von Melendez happening with? [Spoiler]?


This week at The Good Doctor, Shaun weighs the pros and cons of shower sex, and Lea reveals a not-so-insignificant part of her past to her significant other.

Let’s start with lea. When Shaun returns home from work, he is building fitness equipment. She tells him she’s just setting it up for sale. She got it 10 years ago. It was a present from her ex-husband. (Wait what ?!)

“We got married not long after leaving school,” explains Lea. “We grew up together, people expected it, it was a big mistake. We both noticed it pretty quickly. “

Lea tells Shaun that she never talked about her ex-husband because she hasn’t thought about him for years. He’s no longer important to her life – and that’s exactly the problem for Shaun. At one time the “boy next door” was so important to Lea that she wanted to marry him. She hardly thinks of him now. This makes Shaun fearful of their future together and whether you can truly love someone for the rest of your life. Sudden changes, he says, are as unpredictable as a hurricane. “Shaun, our relationship will not end in a natural disaster,” Lea assures him – although it began in one, as Dr. Murphy insists.

Shaun’s insecurity stems from his patient (Benjamin Ayres of Saving Hope), a Silicon Valley tycoon whose obsession with extending his life costs him more than he expected. About six months ago he changed his genetic code and was determined to live in some form for the next 1,000 years. (Yes, really.) So far, his wife has agreed to join him on this utterly ridiculous journey, but when he refuses to undergo treatment to reverse the damage his genetic alteration has done, she gives up give him an ultimatum: live in the here and now, or go on with your dangerous mission alone. He says he loves her but chooses immortality. What a plaster!

In addition to addressing the uncertainty principle, Shaun conducts a survey to see if others think shower sex with Lea is dangerous / slippery / not worth the risk (as is done in their workplace). The majority opt for sex in the shower, so Shaun goes back to the apartment, determined to do the deed. He also brings a cowbell. Not for sex, but for Lea to ring the doorbell if she ever has the feeling that she and Shaun are drifting apart.

The other case of the week involves cancer survivor Hannah, played by Ashley Williams, the vet Hallmark Channel queen of How I Met Your Mother. A year after beating breast cancer and six years after beating skin cancer, she comes to the emergency room with a hematoma and discovers that she now has thyroid cancer. Your recurring cancers are the result of Li-Fraumeni syndrome (LFS), an innate familial predisposition to a variety of specific, often rarer cancers. (Tragic, right?) Hannah’s venture capitalist Allen (played by Matthew MacCaull, a Hallmark veterinarian) has been her rock, but he’s not sure he’s strong enough to go over this one more time – and that’s before he gets on Hannah’s LFS diagnosis becomes aware. Concerned that the added stress will add to Hannah’s deteriorating health, Claire advises Allen to end his marriage if he feels he is not up to the challenge. But in the end, Allen decides to quit his job and take care of his wife.

In Hannah’s case, Jordan learns early on that Allen is a venture capitalist and receives his business card. Ready to show him her custom insoles, she turns to Olivia for a testimonial. When Olivia suggests that Jordan should focus on her place of residence rather than devoting some of her time to sideline business, Jordan defends itself. We learn more about their background story. She tells Olivia that she grew up with five brothers and has cared for people her entire life. Part of the reason she became a doctor is because she can be paid to fix people, and she won’t feel bad trying to make some money on the side. Olivia apologizes when she goes to Jordan telling her that she is sorry her VC left the store and accepts her offer for the size 7 insoles.

In the meantime, Claire has to decide this week if she wants to take a coffee date with Jordan and Olivia’s intern, the polyamorous Enrique. He swears it’s not a date, but Morgan is right: it’s totally a date. Claire finally accepts his outdated offer of having a coffee in the parking lot of the hospital where he currently lives in his van. (Every woman’s dream!) She later tells him that they will just remain friends and friends – and to be perfectly honest, I’d prefer The Good Doctor never pick up on this potential pairing again. If it wasn’t appropriate for Melendez to be interested in Claire, it would not be appropriate for Claire to be interested in Enrique.

Hopefully Dr. Browne too busy with Lim’s downward spiral to focus on her own love life for a while. After last week’s accident, Lim lies to Claire and the other fourth years when she tells them she sold her Ducati and bought a Subaru. She traces the gigantic bump on her head with her kitchen cabinet to make an enema. But when Claire arrives for the ladies’ night, she finds the head of surgery’s motorcycle hidden behind her new car.

OK, now it’s your turn: What did you think of The Good Doctor Season 4, Episode 7? Are you buying Lea had an ex-husband who she’s kept a secret from Shaun for the past three and a half years? And what do you think about a possible romance between Claire and Enrique?

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