The Masked Dancer: The First Notes for Tulip, Cricket, Hammerhead, and extra

A new year is the perfect opportunity to develop new hobbies, and we’ve found one for 2021: we’re examining every detail of The Masked Dancer’s clue packs until we’ve guessed correctly who’s under all that breathable fabric.

Join in, don’t you?

Fox’s equally absurd spin-off to The Masked Singer debuted on December 27th and will fly into its regular time slot starting Wednesday, January 6th at 8/7 a.m. But before Group B – a new group of five participants – takes the stage that evening, we try to identify the dancers in Group A, four of whom have not yet been exposed.

During the series premiere last month, Disco Ball was first booted from competition and exposed as rapper and Law & Order: SVU actor Ice-T. So Hammerhead, Cricket, Tulip and Exotic Bird stay safely under their glittering costumes for the time being. In the attached gallery, we’ve summarized the clues that each participant gave in Episode 1, as well as TVLine’s current guesswork, after thinking about the many clues. (On the other hand, one of the cues from Ice-T was a real glass of iced tea, so maybe we shouldn’t think about it too much.)

We’ll update these photos with new clues and guesses after each new Masked Dancer episode airs. In the meantime, however Scroll through the attached gallery (or click here to access directly) to see our latest Group A theories, then leave your own comment!

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