The masked dancer’s hammerhead talks and teases a severe Jersey Shore drama

There’s no dancing outside of the Jersey Shore drama.

In the January 27 episode of The Masked Dancer, viewers learned that the man behind the hammerhead costume is none other than Vinny Guadagnino. While his experience with the Fox series may have come to an end, his Las Vegas vacation with the Jersey Shore crew is just beginning.

Fans will be watching in the coming weeks Jenni “JWoww” Farley arrive and try to help regulate your drama Angelina Pivarnick after that infamous wedding speech. What should the fans prepare for?

“I’d say we had a lot, obviously this long-awaited drama, and it took some sort of breakup,” Vinny exclusively teased E! News. “Even if Jenni gets there, I can’t pretend it’s an easy fix.”

He added, “We had to call the big dogs. We needed professional help. They can actually see Dr. Drew Pinsky in the Jersey Shore preview. That’s how much help we needed to solve this problem. Let’s just say it works out in a dramatic way. “

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