The Masked Singer: Discover out which of Castoff’s latest sitcom co-stars are in his large secret

In retrospect, evidence of The Masked Singer’s identity Squiggly Monster – booted from the reality singing contest on Wednesday – was everywhere you looked.

The hint of being a “patchwork quilt of personas” including “the father figure” (hello, Danny Tanner from Full House!) And “the villain” (hello, often says blue stand-up comedy!). The Penguins, a reference to Farce of the Penguins from 2007, a parody of the march of the penguins he directed. And especially the pitfalls, banana peels and crotch balls that seemed to show up when the Squiggly Monster clue package rolled – all a nod to his long stint as a host of America’s funniest home videos. (Read a full summary.)

Yes, the man in the Squiggly Monster costume was Bob Saget. When TVLine chatted with him on Wednesday, we immediately addressed his previous affiliation with Masked Singer: When everyone thought he was the taco in season 3.

TVLINE | So wait: I’m a little disappointed that you weren’t the friggin ‘burrito like you suggested when everyone thought you were taco.
I know, and I kept saying, “I’m not the taco,” and Tom Bergeron played with me. But everyone knew it was me, it seems. There was somehow gone, my size. It was very funny when someone heard Dr. Fauci guessed. It was like someone was three feet shorter than me? I was six feet tall with Squiggly’s head. It was great fun. I wanted to go on. The joke I made today is, “I ask for a recount. That is not acceptable. This is a fraudulent vote. I want the Zoom audience to vote again. “I had one more song to make, which would have been Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. Which was weird like Squiggly.

TVLINE | Am I wrong or was there any Blintze in one of your advice packages?
Oh yes, the Blintze are something no one would get. It’s so funny you say that. When I was 16 or 17 I was making a very, very bad Super 8 movie called Beach Blanket Blintzes. And the only way you would know would be if you read my book Dirty Daddy or maybe heard me in an interview. So it’s a googleable thing. But it’s about a 50-foot blintz that turned people into sour cream. And it’s the worst thing ever done. Literally. It was an hour long and I got people to watch it because I put all of their kids in the movie. It was two projectors and it was just a nightmare. But the penguins were a movie that I actually made, called the Farce of the Penguins. That was a real clue. You could find out. There’s something very special about this show… When they say, “Take it off! Pull it out! “It’s the best thing I’ve found as a stripper. And then they pull on your head and then they go to commercials.

TVLINE | I think you pelted a lot of people with “My American Citizens” and political references.
Yeah, that was weird. Stamos and I had one thing posted on Instagram about running for president. That was during or just before the Democratic National Convention, so we made a poster with this poster app that made you look exactly the same as any other poster. So we would become President and Vice President. Maybe it was. But it was also about, I love to perform because it brings people together and I like to bring everyone together. I think someone asked, now they keep asking, “Would you run for president?” because now all bets are closed, everyone can. [Laughs] Squiggly would be a good president now. He would be there for every color of the rainbow. He has these lobster claws so he can cut ribbons in markets and so on. I don’t know what kind of political thing that was. I think it was all about unity and bringing people together.

TVLINE | You mentioned stamos. Have you heard of any of your other full house or fuller house co-stars?
I received a video message from Candace [Cameron Bure] last week with Marilu Henner in the background and yelled: “You are straightforward, aren’t you? You are straightforward! I know you! I know this voice, I know this movement! This is how you move! That’s you! “And I replied,” I don’t know what you’re talking about. Thank you very much for thinking that. ” [Laughs] It’s like the CIA. It is all completely confidential. It’s hilarious. I had my wife and one of my daughters and Stamos signed an NDA so no one could speak. It’s like the CIA.

TVLINE | Wait a minute: Stamos knew it was your turn?
Yes, Stamos knew because it would be a clue when I made it to the third song. He would have been part of it. He would have been one of those friends. He would have been a creature and would have said something like, “Well, Squiggly talks about himself a lot.” Such a thing. [Laughs]

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