The MixtapE! Presents Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and different new music must-have objects

New Music Fridays is an exciting, yet daunting prospect for any music lover.

It’s essentially a weekly holiday when popular artists and fresh faces release their latest deals around the world, and flood streaming services and digital retailers with an onslaught of acoustic goodies. But who has the time to sit there and listen to everything before they update their playlists? There is just too much good stuff! (And if we’re honest, usually a few stinkers too.)

As it turns out, we do. Welcome to The MixtapE!

What did we do to deserve it? Cardi B. and Megan Thee stallion?

Nothing, that’s what. As the “WAP” collaborators proved again this week, we are damn happy to be alive at the same time as them. Both of them returned this week with tracks that we are already sure we will do well throughout the year. Or at least until they condescend to deliver their next sonic joys.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones posting new material. Here are our tips for the best of the best.

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