The Problem: Double Brokers’ Wes Bergmann teases how COVID might change the present ceaselessly

Most of Hollywood was closed, at least temporarily, in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but by the fall, many television series and movies had developed protocols that allowed them to get back into production. The Challenge, MTV’s longest running reality show at the moment, is one of those series. The new season, Double Agents, was shot entirely during the pandemic and the production teams went out of their way not only to protect the cast from the occurrence of the novel coronavirus, but also to make it look like COVID wasn’t a factor.

“Not only did they innovate in terms of production quality, game creativity and casting creativity and all the things they innovated on, but they also came up with a whole new model. How do you create a bubble in another country?” Veteran Wes Bergmann told TV Guide ahead of the new season, which premieres on Wednesday. “It’s not like there’s Barnes and Noble out there and they can read and explain how to go through this. They meet with a range of lawyers, doctors and executives. [to] find answers to them. I think they did it. I felt safe all the time. I didn’t even ask if they were taking risks or not … you’d think they had to sacrifice some of the quality of the game and they didn’t. ”

Most production sets around the world have had to go through protocols like wearing masks and restricting physical interaction between scenes, but Bergmann says the final season won’t cheat fans out of the parts of the show they love most.

“They’re not making sacrifices. The club scene is indeed an incredibly important part of our show. So they’re not going to sacrifice it, but they’re not going to make it unnecessary.” [us] in a risky situation … I’m not going to spoil it because I thought it was damn cool, “he teased, promising that the cast will still find a way to drink and drink their frustrations about the game in a casual group setting In fact, he believes the new method, along with some other COVID-inspired changes to the show, could become an integral part of the show.

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“Let’s say they do 20 different things to protect us and follow these new guidelines. I bet five of the 20 things will remain normal, long-term practices,” he said. “You know, you look at it from a different angle and you say, ‘Oh, okay, interesting. That worked really well.’ [The bar situation] is one of those who I personally think will stay. ”

Film techniques aren’t the only thing messing up this season. As with every new iteration of The Challenge, there is a good group of newbies who show up and try to make their mark in the Hall of Challenge Legends. Bergmann said double agents might have some of these newbies this season, but they will come from the feminine side of the house. In the past few years, some great female competitors like Tori, Georgia and Jenny have been added, but Double Agents brings in several women ready to compete in all aspects of the game.

“I think the most commendable and tangible step in the right direction is female casting. You have done everything to get three or four women close to brand new or brand new women to be reckoned with in any area that matters” said Bergmann. “The challenge is not just strength, it is like everything else. I’m really impressed with [the producers] to the [the casting]. It’s just a lot more fun to play when both sexes are cutthroat. ”

With names like Natalie von Survivor and Olympian Lolo Jones in the mix, it looks like Double Agents will be a season for the books.

The Challenge: Double Agents Premiere Wednesday December 9th at 8 / 7c on MTV.

Wes Bergmann, The Challenge: Double Agents

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