The right way to catch Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres in ‘Pokemon Sword & Protect: Crown Tundra’

Pokemon sword and shieldThe new Crown Tundra DLC crawls with the legendary old school Pokemon and gives us a few new ones like Regidrago or Regieleki. Three classics that have returned are the legendary birds Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres!

Unlike some legends where capturing is optional, the three birds are part of the expedition entitled “A legendary tree of the legendary three!” This is the third quest Peony has for you in the DLC. If you’re wondering why they look so different, it’s because this is their Galarian form.

How to find Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres!

To start the quest you have to go to Lake Balimere. You will notice a huge red tree and when you get close to it you will go into a cutscene – which I have to say was pretty cool. The cutscene ends with them all flying to different parts of the region. You will receive a call from Peony and then you will receive an update on your Legendary Clue 3 note.

How to catch Galarian Zapdos

Galarian Zapdos are located in the original region in the Wild Area (check your maps if you need a refresher!). Of the three, Zapdos is definitely the fastest so you have to be strategic when approaching it. Make sure you’re out of the way of other Pokémon as Zapdos will intentionally run near them to throw you off.

How to Find Galarian Articuno

Galarian Articuno actually stays in the crown tundra. You just have to be patient and walk around a bit. My advice in this case is to save the game right after Articuno uses the decoys. If you come across some bait that will allow it to escape, start over. Also, try not to encounter Articuno in a location that is hailing as this will give you less time to capture it due to the associated chip damage.

How to Find Galarian Moltres

Moltres can be found around the Isle of Armor. I recommend doing this last if this is your first time playing the expansion pack in general, as your first trip to the Isle of Armor will require you to do some missions / battles before you can hunt Moltres. Moltres can fly over water and there are many vicious sharpedos lurking around. So be vigilant and have some fish snacks ready.

And this is how you can find all three legendary birds in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Have a question? Let us know in the comments below!

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