The Voice: Is the Season 19 winner amongst our favorites for Finest Blind Auditions?

After Gwen Stefani fired her final Team Gwen t-shirt, Kelly Clarkson handed out her final Team Kelly jacket, Blake Shelton invited his final candidate to embrace his cardboard likeness, and John Legend did – thank goodness – For the last time waving his hand on a stick, The Voice moves on to Season 19 Battles. But before the NBC singing comes in, we’re going to look at the Blind Auditions again and pick the 10 singers we think could be real competitors.

Among our picks for the best of the best is an opera singer Blake said he “looks like James Bond up there,” an R&B powerhouse whose voice is as flexible as a contortionist’s body, a 14-year-old who straps with the finesse of someone three times his age, a literal showboater who has surpassed Kelly, and a pastor who can easily follow Todd Tilghman’s footsteps into the winners’ circle. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

The candidate who came in first on our list of auditors who are most likely to distance themselves and actually win Season 19 is… With the second thought, you don’t want us to point you, do you? Of course not. You’d rather read the entire top 10. To do this, click on the photo gallery above – or go here for direct access – then click on the comments with the names of the singers you think we should have added to our list. Tilghman wasn’t even on our list of the first season 18 top runners!


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