The Wonderful Race Ballot: Who Will Win Season 32? And who ought to win?


After the six finalists of The Amazing Race near the end of their globetrotting adventure, they bring home the $ 1 million showdown.

On Wednesday finals (CBS, 8 / 7c), the Final 3 teams will travel to New Orleans to play an exciting match between married parents Hung and Chee, friends Will and James, and volleyball brothers Riley and Maddison. But before they run to Phil’s lucrative (and final!) Pit stop, we’ll break the competition down and ask who you think will come out on top.

Hung and Chee The season got off to a strong start and with their excellent communication, the pair won in the first two legs. Despite a brief slip in lap 4, the couple achieved many second and third places and delivered a consistent performance that kept them afloat for weeks. That said, they placed behind the other two remaining teams in the final four stages of the race. You have to pick it up if you want to see their names on this check.

Will and James have been a constant couple from the start, but despite their street intelligence and extensive racing knowledge, the friends have often strapped themselves under pressure. Should they have to drive a stick in the final, this could very well be their undoing. Otherwise, they are an impressive team that none of their competitors should underestimate.

But let’s be real: Riley and Maddison are to beat the team. The Hawaiian volleyball players took three consecutive first places (preceded by a tricky set of arcs with second place) so… track record? Pretty damn solid if you ask us. These guys are quick on their feet and yet have yet to hit a roadblock or detour that they couldn’t destroy. Could their positive attitudes and impressive hectic pace help them hold the landing?

We’d bet on the brothers for what’s worth it, but as we’ve seen time and time again, anything can happen in the race. One bad luck (or one single confused taxi driver) can mean the difference between celebration and devastation.

Who do you think will win season 32? And who should? Cast your votes in our polls below and leave a comment to defend your picks!

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