The Workplace: Watch the Matrix-themed unaired Chilly Open of the collection finale

The office last saved Jim’s most elaborate prank on Dwight – and now we can finally see it.

In celebration of the move of the comedy from Netflix to PeacockNBCUniversal’s streaming service has released an unreleased Cold Open that was cut off from the 2013 series finale.

In the five-minute scene embedded below, Jim and Pam work together – and spend several hours training a black cat – to convince Dwight that the Matrix films are now his reality. We’re not going to spoil the result of the prank, but in addition to the well-behaved cat, the stunt includes a warehouse clerk from Dunder Mifflin and his identical twin, intimidating men stationed at Erin’s front desk, as well as security guard Hank (the late Hugh) Dane ) Channeling Laurence Fishburne.

And while the Matrix Prank is one of Jim’s most detailed and time-consuming jokes about Dwight, we leave it up to you to decide how it compares to other pranks like Jim’s telekinesis “Casino Night,” his Pavlovian Altoid experiment, and his unforgettable Dwight impersonation. All of this resulted in our list of the best cold orifices of all time in the office.

All nine seasons of The Office will air on Peacock starting Friday. The first two seasons are free, while seasons 3-9 are only available to Peacock Premium subscribers, who can also view bonus content such as expanded “Superfan Episodes”, behind-the-scenes footage, curated episode collections and The Office Zen. A channel that provides ambient noise 24/7 for viewers who work from home.

Check out the newly released cold of the office below:

???? This is not an exercise. ???? Showcase a never-before-seen cold from #TheOffice!

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