These new Puritans are being reissued covertly for the 10th anniversary

These New Puritans will reissue their second LP, Hidden, on December 4th via Domino on vinyl and digitally. The cult Essex band added a number of unreleased songs from the sessions to the original album, along with two live recordings. Fans who pre-order the new edition titled Hidden [MMXX], have access to XONE 1, a live streaming set on release day. Below is an all-digital version of the original lead single, “We Want War,” which consists entirely of drums.

The live stream staff includes original member Thomas Hein, who left Inside the Rose prior to 2019 to become a neuroscientist, as well as pianist Maria Chiara Argirio and composer Henry Dagg.

Produced by Graham Sutton of Bark Psychosis and published when the band’s Barnett brothers were 22 years old, Hidden These transformed New Puritans from a post-punk curiosity to outré rock visionaries, turning modern (and ancient) orchestral music into epic Songs filled with bassoons, Japanese taiko, drums and children’s choirs. The record was called NME’s 2010 album.

Hidden [MMXX]::

Disc 1
01 time Xone
02 We want war
03 three thousand
04 hologram
05 attack music
06 firepower
07 Orion
08 Canticle
09 Drum Courts – Where corals lie
10 white chords
11 5

Disc 2
12 hologram pianos
13 We want War Brass & Woodwind
14 5 mallets
15 hologram chamber mix
16 Drum Courts Hidden Live Paris
17 Irreversible – and paper hides Live Berlin

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