This week’s greatest reveals and movies: Loss of life by 2020, Viking collection finale

A new year means a new you, as several anti-smoking and weight loss ads show. But here a New Year means new TV, and you won’t get grumpy or sweaty watching it. Make it your 2021 resolution to watch TV better and let us be your spiritual guru. We have the best shows this week to get you off to a great start.

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The masked dancer

Series premiere Sunday at 8 / 7c on Fox
Just when you thought 2020 was the time to mock humanity, Fox says, “Not so fast!” This spin-off of the popular The Masked Singer does what it takes to create a new show, putting “celebrities” in elaborate costumes and making them dance while other “celebrities” try to guess who they are. This format was sketchy enough like singing, but dancing? This is either the show that is killing the franchise or it spawns a series of shows making 2021 worse than 2020.

Death by 2020

Sunday on Netflix
We know very little about this special other than that it came from Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror. But if you’re a Brooker fan, you’ll realize that Death to 2020 feels a lot more like his other work, like the Wipe series. That’s still enough for us to get excited! The one-off mockumentary will look back on the year we were all nearly killed and rip a new one in faux-news fashion, with Hugh Grant, Samuel Jackson, Lisa Kudrow, Joe Keery (Steve of Stranger Things) and other leading characters.


Part 2 of the sixth season premieres on Amazon Prime on Wednesday
The last 10 episodes of Michael Hirst’s epic poem about history’s best-known looters usually air on the History Channel, but for reasons I don’t quite understand – or maybe just for a lot of money – the second half of season six airs on Amazon Prime Video this week, with the usual airing of the story at a later date. Season 6 Part 2 will release the first half cliffhanger when Bjorn was bleeding after being stabbed by his brother Ivar. While we know how this show goes, it could be a better fate than what’s in store for the rest of the characters at the end of the series.

Chilling adventures from Sabrina

Last season’s premiere will take place on Thursday on Netflix
She faces Satan and common people at school, and in the final season of the series adjacent to Riverdale, Sabrina, the teenage Queen of Hell (Kiernan Shipka), and her witch aunts take on the world-destructive Eldritch Terror in turn. More important than the fate of our existence: can Nick Scratch work his way back into Sabrina’s heart?

New Years countdowns

Thursday at 8 / 7c on ABC, Fox, NBC
Well, someone needs to let you know when 2020 is over. ABC, Fox and NBC will all be holding New Years countdowns. Since no one can hang out with the people they want so that you don’t start on a ventilator in 2021, you’d better choose which celebrities and network shows fit your style. ABC got Ryan Seacrest, Lucy Hale and Billy Porter, Fox dumped Steve Harvey in favor of Ken Jeong and Joel McHale, and NBC got Carson Daly and Julianne Hough. There is something for every stranger! Here are all the ball drops and how to watch them.

Headspace Guide to Meditation

Series premiere Friday on Netflix
Do you remember when TV shows based on blogs were all the rage? Now, TV shows based on phone apps are a thing. While Netflix’s Headspace Guide to Meditation isn’t quite the same as HBO Max’s excellent A World of Calm, it also seeks to provide viewers with some wellbeing and healthy living through a completely relaxed guide to embracing meditation. It is animated and narrated by a man with a British accent. So if that doesn’t mitigate you, nothing will.

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