TI takes fans back in time with a throwback clip from the Dad Chronicles

TI shared a video that got a lot of fans excited. Check out what he posted on his IG account below.

“Throwback material from The Dad Chronicles” Still Daddy’s Baby … “Tip captioned his post.

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Someone said, “Oh, she’s so cute. Tip: You look too young to be a great dad.”

Tip also shared the following photo:

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Someone said: ‘Is the dog painted green TIP or is it just a shadow! Anyway, on a side note, keep killing it, King. I’ve always followed your music and a few days literally got me into it mentally !! Enough love and respect from here in Canada ‘.’

Another follower wrote the following: “I hope it’s photoshop and dog ain’t really green, lol cuz wtf.”

Another follower said, “Is the dog green or do I need a new jar recipe?”

In other related news, TI and Little Harris ‘Daughter, Heiress Harris has her own social media channel.

“I won’t say any more, but I rubbed that child off of me! @heiressdharris of course has it. Make sure to tune in to Lime and subscribe to the #HeiressDoesItAll YouTube channel. «Tiny has given her contribution a title.

Likewise, Tiny shared an emotional message for the family of DMX after his tragic death. Check out what he posted on his social media account below.

‘Send love and light to the family and our condolences. Pray for strength and peace at this time. The world is in mourning … because we have loved him and his contribution to the music industry for decades! True Legend @dmx T ‘Tiny titled her post.

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