Tiny’s greatest good friend Shekinah Jo claims Sabrina Peterson was TI & Tiny’s PIMP !!

Several women, including Tiny Harris’s ex-girlfriend Sabrina Peterson, have accused her and her rapper husband, TI, of allegedly manipulating them and forcing them into threesomes.

But Tiny’s girlfriend, Shekinah Jo, commented on the allegations, saying Sabrina not only participated in the threesome but also helped them recruit the women! She said:

“She’s looking for attention. She wants Tiny. She’s obsessed with Tiny. She wants Tiny to be her friend. It turns out that TIP pulled a gun at her,” Shekinah said. “How do we change from TIP to not being the victim anymore and Tiny is now the alleged one? How do we deal with it? She has a problem. She didn’t talk about how she fucked Tameka and TIP I said what I said. “

Shekinah added, “I’m trying to figure out why she didn’t tell you that she was one of the women who used to recruit the hoes they fucked with? Why didn’t she tell you?” ll she got fucked, “Shekinah said.” Ask her what was going on when there were three and four of her, what happened to her? What if she recruited hoes? “


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