Tips on how to see Shazam! This Christmas

Are you looking for a little superhero fun to fit in with your holiday celebrations? Then TV Guide is here to help you get your Shazam! on. If you are hesitant about whether the 2019 DC movie is actually considered a “Christmas Movie,” please remember that it’s about snow and the entire movie is about believing in yourself and seeing the best around you. There’s also a common theme of having a chosen family fighting for you, and doesn’t that feel like it’s in the spirit of the season? If Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie, it’s Shazam! can fit into the schedule.

Now that we’ve all agreed on Shazam! is a Christmas movie, how can you watch Zachary Levi and Co.? As a DC superhero movie, Shazam! is ready to stream at your convenience on HBO Max. It’s also available on the DC Universe app, as well as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video if you have the premium HBO add-on for those services. HBO Max isn’t yet available for Roku, but it is available for Apple TVs and Amazon Fire devices.

Shazam !, based on the popular DC comics, is about 14-year-old Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who discovers that if he says the magic word, he has the power to transform himself into a grown-up superhero (Levi). First, Billy uses his newfound powers to take revenge on school bullies and possibly find the birth parents who abandoned him. But he has to do more than just for himself if Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong) seeks to steal Shazam’s power in what is arguably the most heartwarming chapter of the DC Extended Universe.

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