Toni Braxton shares a video that defies age, however some folks say she appears to be like an excessive amount of like Amber Rose

As another writer noted this week, Toni Braxton really surprised her fans when she posted a video of her new look that looked as young and vibrant as she was in her early twenties. The 53-year-old music icon shared a video that did, to say the least , was stunning.

It’s not uncommon for fans and media personalities to say nice things about it Toni Braxton‘s looks, and her newer look, is no different. However, there is one issue that a lot of people are talking about right now and it has to do with their shaved head and sunglasses combination.

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Toni shared a video on her Instagram account in which she showed how important it is how old a person looks, but how he feels is important. She wrote in the headline of her post: “Age is nothing but a number.”

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Toni rocked a pale blonde buzz cut while wearing a camouflage jacket over lingerie, knee-high boots and sunglasses. However, it was the blonde buzz cut that people struggled with.

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Fans on the internet started with Amber Rose comparisons, with some people appreciating her new look while others criticizing the alleged lack of originality. Anyway, it’s clear that both women did the look well.

Amber Rose was arguably one of the first celebrity women in recent years to rock a shaved head while maintaining her image as a very sexually attractive woman working as an influencer and social media personality.

While she probably wasn’t the first to do this, Amber had a shaved head for years and actually continues to do so today. Stars like Halsey, the 26-year-old pop star, also wear this style.

In a recent interview, Halsey explained how she actually felt most secure about shaving her head, despite being more than aware that this is not what society considers the most beautiful.


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