Tower Information returns with On-line Retailer & Music Exclusives

Tower Records is celebrating a comeback with its brand new online shop

The renowned music chain founded by the late Russ SolomonTower Records flourished in the 70s to 90s with its “everything-under-the-music-sun style” and became the branch’s go-to for everything to do with music. The chain closed its 89 branches in 2006 and declared bankruptcy.

Flash forward so far and Tower Records has surfaced again – this time online. The website has a full merch store, blog posts, events, and more. And just like that, Tower Records is back.

The company shares:

In exciting partnerships with artists, labels and brands, Tower Records transcends its historical past by creating online and physical experiences for all music fans to “know music, know life”.

The exclusive Tower Records includes music by Metallica, the Beastie Boys, Wu Tang Clan and nirvana.

Shop here.

Source: pitchfork

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