Toya Johnson’s coaching movies earn followers reward – watch them right here

Toya Johnson works like crazy before Christmas. She shared some new videos on her social media account and her fans are really impressed. Check out the clips here.

‘I trained in a new double strap band from @whatwaistofficial today! I love how I get the double support, especially around my lower abdomen, and I can take the straps off when I just want to wear them under my clothes. #theperfectwaistbandThanks @whatwaistofficial ‘Toya titled her post.

Someone said, “Looks just like Reginae and for those of you who want to correct me, I know exactly what I said.” has more contour ???????? was it performed sum operation to improve. ‘

A commenter posted this message: “I like this side of you. I know you don’t know me, but I’m something of a fan, when I see you, it’s on ????.”

Someone else said, “I need to order a WNM exercise machine. I need to add to my collection ‘and one commenter posted this message:’ Make yourself look good girls! I am slowly bringing my life together. ‘

One fan said: ‘You don’t age at all !! @toyajohnson, what fountain of youth are you drinking? “And one commenter posted this message:” I love seeing people take care of themselves during this difficult time. However, I think all women should take their time and look up the damaged waist trainers. ‘

Not so long ago, Toya Johnson was partying Robert Rushing‘s birthday.

She shared all kinds of posts for him on social media and the latest one is darling with his girls and fans who showed him off.


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