Trippie Redd asks when was the final time Soulja Boy went platinum after his anti-media remarks

Soulja Boy came out earlier this week to blow up a range of media and personalities including No Jumper, XXL, VladTV, and Hot New Hip Hop. Hot New Hip Hop reported that the rapper commented on all of the above releases, leading to a response from Trippie Redd, the Pegasus rapper who doesn’t seem happy with what he had to say.

According to hot new hip hop Soulja boy questioned the integrity of all publications and urged fans to completely ignore anything reported by them. Redd went to his Instagram Live to poke fun at Soulja Boy and mocked him in a high-pitched voice.

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Trippie, who recently came under fire for the release of his latest album Pegasus, mocked Soulja Boy by implying that his bravery was not rooted in reality or in the success of his career. You can check out what the rapper has to say in the following YouTube video:

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Whether or not Trippie Redd has a point on Soulja Boy, it’s not clear why he came out against rapper “Crank Dat”. So far, the social media response to Trippie’s remarks hasn’t been particularly positive, with many people wondering what had made Trippie ruin him so much, considering the abuse didn’t even bother him.

Some commentators wondered if Pegasus’s negative reception upset Trippie. As previously reported, the rapper dropped Pegasus earlier this year and it was dubbed one of his worst albums yet by some of his fans.

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However, the record sparked the greatest controversy over the cover, which showed him in his underwear, in space, and another picture that had him on a horse. Trippie put his album aside and made headlines again this year when he poked fun at Jay-Z.

In case you missed it, a picture surfaced on the internet and in the media of Jay-Z jumping in the water with his wife Beyonce Knowles while on vacation.

Trippie Redd was one of those rappers who made fun of him, using the title of Jay’s album 4:44 to imply that Jay had gained almost as much weight as the title of his previous album.


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