Try the week’s most shocking celeb transformations

New year, new you, new celebrity looks.

We’re less than two weeks into 2021, and we’ve already seen a handful of stars messing up their signature styles. We’re talking mullet here, chunky red highlights, and pale blonde changes folks.

Not only Bella Hadid After teasing the transformation of their curls on social media, they finally reveal their latest “Do to Fans”, however Keke Palmer and Lizzo also went to Instagram to show off her bold new strands. However, it may have been Tom Hanks who shocked us most when he revealed the change he needed to make for his final role.

And it wasn’t just hair trips that celebrities shared Ciara opened up about her postpartum weight loss, describing her progress so far and how close she is to her ultimate goal, while one Big Brother alum revealed he had lost 30 pounds.

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