Twitter roasts Tory Lanez over a bald spot

Twitter dragged Tory Lanez after pictures leaked online of him playing basketball – the dad of all bald spots.

Lanez, who has had a hair transplant in the past to fix his receding hairline, appears to have a decent hairline – but has a donut hole in the center of his head.

“If you look back on my old pictures, my only problem was [that] My corners were here again. I fixed my corners and let the rest of my hair grow out, “he said in 2019.” I’m coming back with the braids. I’m coming back crazy for you guys. You think it’s a joke “


He added, “I met a doctor who does hair restoration – that n * gga is specially for African American and Latino hair. So I basically walked away at my corners. They help me with the restoration. But it’s not Bosley … then they cut your head and do all these weird things. I didn’t do that. My shit is so natural. “

Twitter had a ball with the pictures.

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