Tyler Perry Underneath FIRE for “disturbing” intercourse scene in new TV present !! (Graphic)

Tyler Perry is one of the most prolific African American film and television show creators in history, and his work is usually well received by its audiences.

But MTO News learned that a new sex scene on Tyler’s TV show bothered some people.

He may have taken things too far in Tyler Perry’s new television series Ruthless, a very adult spin-off drama from the original hit show The Oval.

Here is a link to the scene that is causing so much controversy

In a recent Ruthless episode, Tyler features a love scene between two of the show’s main characters. And in the love scene, a woman is whipped like a slave while her attackers have sex.


It’s really crazy. . . and also a bit annoying.

A sneak peak of the sex scene leaked on social media yesterday and quickly went viral. Many of Tyler’s longtime fans were surprised that he would create such controversial content – especially that involving violence against women.

For a moment yesterday, some people even urged Tyler Perry to be “canceled” about the scene.

Here are some screenshots.


If you want to watch Tyler’s steamy new show, Ruthless, the entire first season of 24 episodes is available on BET +. From February 23, 2021, the show will be broadcast on the BET Network after new episodes of The Oval.

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