Upcoming Liam Neeson Motion pictures: What Is The Motion Star In Entrance Of?

In mid-January, Liam Neeson returned to kick more bum and get more names in The Marksman, a decidedly Clint Eastwood-esque neo-western thriller that will most likely serve as one of the A-list actor’s final rodeos in the action . vigilante genre. While reviews have been remarkably mixed, many critics have given Neeson’s starring role as a weathered rancher on duty to help a boy escape a drug cartel. And the movie’s gross weekend (especially during a pandemic) suggests the A-Lister will remain a tie even in his later years. With Neeson around 70, however, the actor’s days of action are gradually reaching twilight. But they’re not over yet.

Right now, Liam Neeson still has a few action films left in the chamber that are locked and loaded and ready to go in the months / years to come (in anticipation of delays related to COVID, of course). He’s got a few other non-action projects up and running, including a reported reboot of one of the funniest comedy traits of the 80s / 90s.

Let’s see what the Marksman star will be shooting next.

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