Viral Video Claiming Lil Nas X To Be ‘Homeless’ Mom On The Streets Of Atlanta – Leaks !!

Rapper Lil Nas X has been on the news a TON lately, especially since his viral new song Montero was released two weeks ago. Now MTO News has learned that Lil Nas X is going viral again.

A video was posted online yesterday showing a defected woman in Atlanta carrying a sign begging for money on the side of the road. The person who shot the video claimed the woman in it was Lil Nas X’s mother.

MTO News couldn’t independently verify that the woman was Lil Nas X’s mother. But despite the unconfirmed nature of the video, it has gone VIRAL all over Twitter and Instagram.


In the video, a car full of Atlanta men pulls up to the woman and asks her, “Aren’t you Lil Nas X Mama?” The woman answers, but her answer is inaudible.

In previous interviews, Lil Nas X spoke about his relationship with his mother, who is struggling with drug addiction. “I never really talk about my mother,” the rapper said in January 2020. “She’s addicted, that’s why we don’t have the closest relationship. Even if we try to make her better, things haven’t quite worked out. But there are still love. ” … ”

Here is the alleged video.

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