WandaVision Episode 6 Recap: Halloween Spooktacular!

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision, Season 1, Episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”]

It’s a new week of WandaVisionwhich means a new time span and visual style borrowed from a legendary family sitcom, and of course a new theme song:

Don’t try to fight the chaos
Don’t ask what you did
Some days it’s all confusion
Just come and just go
But when everything is an illusion
Sit back and enjoy the show

Let’s move on
Let’s move on
Through every warped day
Let’s move on
Let’s move on
Though there’s no way you can know
Who comes over to play?

Hardcore Bryan Cranston and or Frankie Muniz Fans will, of course, recognize that Episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” Pays homage to Malcom in the thick of it, one of the most underrated series of the 21st century. And this show’s energetic music and camera selection, coupled with the fourth wall break, is a pretty solid template for what is perhaps the most disturbing episode of the series to date.

“She has cast Pietro again?” is the last line of the week before … but Evan Peters slips seamlessly into the cast of the series and plays the Manchild tendencies of “Uncle P” as he connects with young Billy and Tommy. It’s Halloween so Billy is in costume and both twins are looking for a trick or a treat. Vision, disguised as a “Mexican wrestler”, tells Wanda (disguised as a “Socovian fortune teller”) that he has plans with the neighborhood guard that evening, so Pietro volunteers to take the boys with him instead.

It’s all very cozy and familiar, although (as Billy explains to the camera) “Mom” is not only weird at the moment, but she and Vision “don’t fight … they are just different”. This is of course because at this point, Vision knows that something very strange is going on – in fact, he doesn’t join the neighborhood watch when he leaves. Instead, he’s basically making his way to the edge of town, watching the increasingly restricted movement of citizens – who don’t, if only based on the one tear that runs down a woman’s cheek when she keeps repeating the same gesture repeated in a great location.

Meanwhile, Wanda and Pietro wander through the neighborhood with Billy and Tommy – a neighborhood that is now full of children. With the help of its super speed (and by the way, nobody seems to notice / care that they are using it), Pietro does some Halloween-like pranks but continues to try to connect with Wanda. While confused by what is going on, he appears to be the only one relatively knowledgeable about what Wanda is doing and observes that she is “treating the ethical considerations of this scenario as best as possible” (which explains why serves why we didn’t) I saw children before this episode – she spares them as much as possible from this torture.


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Speaking of torture … Vision makes it to the outskirts, marked by “Ellis Avenue,” where he finds Agnes (dressed like a witch) in her car paralyzed and deaf. Vision brings her out with a touch, but that doesn’t exactly help – after recognizing him as an avenger, she asks if she is dead because he isn’t? And then the hysteria takes over and she laughs as she screams, “All is lost” (damn it Kathryn Hahn I swear I deserve an Emmy for her work on this show until Vision brings her back to blissful deafness.

What have the fine people at SWORD been doing outside of Westview while this is all going on? Good question! Episode 5’s belligerent confrontation with Wanda cast a spell over Hayward, and when he and Monica worry about how to proceed, he kicks them off his base along with Woo and Darcy. But in order not to be stopped, the trio takes out the soldiers assigned to take them away and tries to get more information – not just about what’s happening to Wanda, but also about what Hayward is doing.

Darcy is able to find out that he is tracking the movements of sight inside the barrier (and that he has a secret plan associated with sight called Cataract, which is clever) and wants to dig more; However, Monica is eager to be back in Westview. “I know what Wanda is feeling and I won’t stop until I help her,” she says, even after Darcy warned her that after two trips through the barrier, her cells will be rewritten. “It changes you.” Darcy stays behind while Monica and Jimmy set out to meet a contact who should help Monica get back into the barrier. (And yes, this contact is very likely to be another exciting MCU cameo, so put your speculative hats on now if they weren’t already oh who I’m kidding.)

All of this comes together when vision hits the barrier and manages to prevail. However, the outside world is not a welcome place for him and he is literally starting to dissolve as he begs the SWORD agents who come up to him to help the people of the city.


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The good news is that both Maximoff twins activated their powers this episode, and while Tommy has his uncle’s super speed, Billy seems to have skills very similar to his mother’s and he can sense his father is in Trouble is. The bad news is that Billy’s solution is to rush to Wanda and tell her that Vision needs help. In response, she expands the barrier around Westview, absorbing SWORD agents and the base (not to mention poor, trapped Darcy tied to a jeep), and turning them into a literal circus.

Hayward and some of his people flee in an SUV; We don’t see if Monica and Jimmy avoided the barrier too or got caught in it. Wanda’s eyes return from red to normal and we hang on to the now familiar title card: “Please stand by.” It’s the cliffhanger-y-cliffhanger of the series as it becomes clear how much worse things can get before they get better.

And now for these messages

  • This week’s commercial was the strangest yet, and we’ll unpack more thoughts on it on Saturday.

  • A professional costume designer needs talent to make something look handmade Mayes C. Rubeo for this week’s costumes. Favorite touch: Pietro’s denim shorts.

  • There are so many great touches in this episode regarding the relationship between Wanda and Vision, but “there weren’t any other clothes in my closet” as the reason he wears the Mexican wrestler costume sticks in my memory as a character for how extensive Wanda’s control (we assume) has become.

  • This episode pays tribute to Malcolm, but looking back at baby Pietro and Wanda’s trick-or-treating was very reminiscent of the dearly late ABC comedy happy endwhich also featured characters from Eastern European heritage. (Although the Kerkovich sisters are Serbia.)

  • When I talk about other great shows, this show reminds me: On a purely superficial level, Paul Bettany, tall, blonde, and British, remembers Chris Geere, another tall, blonde, British actor who found out about FX’s You’re the Worst was pleased. But in his first scene in that episode, he had loads of geere-esque energy (maybe because he was wearing a disguise and had a scheme he was working on). It will be interesting to see if / when the rumored Homage episode of Modern Family happens, as Geere was actually a guest for some episodes on that series.

  • “What happened to your accent?” “What happened to yours?” We asked ourselves that too.

New episodes of WandaVision will be streamed on Disney + on Fridays. Here you will find our current interview with Jac Schaeffer as well as every Easter egg that we have seen so far.

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision

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