WandaVision explains how mutants get into the MCU

Marvel may have come up with an elegant solution to an overwhelming problem.


[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for WandaVision, Season 1, Episode 5, “On a Very Special Episode…”]

Until recently, mutants couldn’t exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel had sold the rights to the X-Men and even the concept of “Mutants” to 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios) in the late 1990s, and 20th Century refused to give them up. When Disney bought the 20th century, Marvel had the rights to the X-Men and Mutants back, but a new problem arose: if superpowers roamed the globe, why didn’t they get involved in the many crises on earth? had faced in the past ten years? And if there were people with superpowers, didn’t that diminish concepts like the Avengers, where a small group of extraordinary people came together to fight a common cause?

Latest this week WandaVision Episode titled “On a Very Special Episode …” Marvel Studios may have revealed how they plan to bring mutants into the MCU without disrupting everything that came before. That episode noted that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) has the ability to rewrite reality (previously her powers in the MCU were limited to telekinesis and telepathy). That revelation paid off later in the episode when there was a knock on the door and it was Wanda’s brother Pietro, but not the Pietro we had seen in Avangers: Age of Ultron played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This was the 20th century Pietro Maximoff X-Men Movies Days of the Future Past, Apocalypse, and Dark phoenix, played by Evan Peters. What exactly happened here? Did Wanda “re-cast” her brother as Darcy?Kat Dennings) speculated?


I do not think so. I don’t think Wanda picked a Rando for her brother, and that Rando happens to be the same actor who played the role in another universe of superhero movies. Instead, we know that there is a multiverse within the MCU, and we know that Wanda can reshape reality. When you combine these two things, I believe Wanda Pietro moved into the MCU from a reality but still has the telepathic influence it has on everyone else in Westview (with the exception of Agnes who is too Seems to be) know what’s going on).


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Why would one pull Pietro out of the X-Men universe instead of reviving him like vision?Paul Bettany)? Because as this episode established, in order to “resuscitate” someone, Wanda first needs a body, and she doesn’t have a Pietro corpse (probably very dilapidated at this point). Bringing your Pietro back wouldn’t be feasible, so a Pietro pulled her from another reality, and once you can pull characters from other realities, you’ve essentially created a way to bring back mutants without breaking the canon of why they were does not exist before this point.

Also, Marvel Studios can choose which actors they want to repeat their roles for the MCU. For example, Kevin Feige confirmed that Deadpool 3 is an MCU movie, and they are obviously not being re-cast Ryan Reynolds in the role. But if you look at a character like Wolverine, where Hugh Jackman wanted to hang up the role afterwards LoganYou could bring in a new actor as a character and say he’s from a different reality. It’s essentially a reversal of the famous House of M. Instead of saying “No More Mutants” to Wanda and decimating the global mutant population, “Way More Mutants” is what gives the MCU the license to bring in as many mutants as they want, played by whoever they want.

Wanda’s ability to manipulate reality is basically the door the MCU needs to bring reality together and create a multiverse that allows them to bring in characters that were previously inaccessible due to licensing rights. Peters’ Pietro is the first character to transition into the MCU from another superhero universe, but he will likely be far from the last.

WandaVision episodes 1 through 5 can now be streamed on Disney +. WandaVision broadcasts new episodes every Friday. For more information, see our latest WandaVision roundup on Easter Eggs. Think about the biggest questions from “On a Very Special Episode …” with us.


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